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Bamboo For Two

by Monopoly Child Star Searchers



featuring James Ferraro, Lieven Martens Moana, and Orphan Fairytale:

Bamboo For Two by Charles Berlitz

What lurks within the jungles bouquet
is to you , Belafonte, a natural scents
meditation on what a hearts lingering
expectancy casts, as a coconuts shadow
is thrown across the stem of a rose,
that rests, within your moistened beak

As the frightened intensity of your gaze
is met with mine, A Star is Born,
residing with this galaxy's nner lacing
of a Night's creativity...

The hastening of a downpours percussion
is left calmly to encounter my brow, as it
ventures to align itself with a descending
vines runaway, yet another prop that wishes
to lead an intersection of delicately laid
trajectories upon our lack of physical limitations

When a perched shoulder chases the path
to your sunflower seed shelled bed,
feathered with a bougainvillea's shallow lobe,
appearing to expand the sensation of your
talons graze upon the nape of my neck

The darkest shade of Twilight Blue watches
your silhouette coast the motion of a
windswept jungles horizon, as you,
Belafonte, entice upon me, the relativity
of a winged view, between starlit heavens
above, and a tree line's climax, our
destination's lateral is lit with that of our crescents
thirty day return, so as to illuminate a
waterfalls introduction:

An alcoves retreated awareness, as a premier
desires waking hallucination of an erotic
reveling of your plumage, appears to be
filled with an Archers Palette, a vibrant
fauna plucked from nature's bounty, and applied
to your slender shade

The willful acceptance of my apprehension
highlights a supersensible entertainment
of a fortnights play, as the environments
soundtrack invades the canal of a bogonia's

I am Your, and You are mine

This is an agents revelation of the outer
shelf's distant paradise, lying between the
architecture of a romantic interlude, erected
to the heighth of a mind's plane, on accounts
portrayed by a tenant from the environments
within, who's tender vocal prowess led me to
a jungles expedition:

A living breathing mirroring of two species
touching embrace...

within Pacific City


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved




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